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I am so glad you are here. I imagine life right now may feel overwhelming, and out of balance. There are moments when the demands of work, parenting, relationships or schoolwork feel relentless and unforgiving. I want to acknowledge that you have started an important step - you are seeking support and that takes courage. You do not need to take this journey alone and I would be honoured to work alongside you through this time. I work with pre-teens, teens, young adults and couples. 

I know that seeking out a therapist in itself can feel overwhelming, so I want to ensure you that if you have any questions you are welcome to connect at

My commitment to you & all my clients include the following:

I hope you chat with you soon and start this journey.

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  -Shannon Azzarello

 MA, RP (Qualifying) 

CRPO #11110

Owner/Mental Health Therapist at Kind-Natured Psychotherapy

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Shannon Azzarello

Registered Psychotherapist Qualifying

CRPO #11110


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